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Steven J. Schafer, Founder

At an early age I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Disease and at that time the only known treatments were surgery or long term steroid use. I eventually had major surgery, but my symptoms re-occurred. Medical Marijuana has helped me cope with a lifetime battle with Crohn’s disease. It stops the nausea, allows me to maintain my appetite and works on controlling my inflammation

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Irvin Rosenfeld, Advisor

Irvin has been a Financial Advisor for the last twenty-five years, and leads an active and full life. He is the longest surviving of the final four Federal Medical Marijuana patients in the United States. He has been receiving ten to twelve Marijuana cigarettes per day for the last thirty years from the Federal Government. Irvin is the author of “My Medicine” ‘How I

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Larry W. Shapiro, DO

As the primary doctor of Physician’s Certification Center in Michigan, Dr. Shapiro monitors outcomes for the patients visiting the Michigan clinics. After monitoring positive outcomes of numerous patients he became more convinced that alternative therapies could manage severe and chronic pain better than conventional means.    

William Gonte, MD

As founder of the American Center for Clinical Trials he is familiar with state of the art research in multi-therapeutic areas, particularly obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes, podiatry and dermatology. He is board certified in internal medicine with a specialty in sports medicine, following a degree from the School of Medicine at Wayne State University. He is the director for Physicians Certification Center in Michigan that

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Henry Gonte, MD

Dr. Henry Gonte, is a Board Certified and Licensed Physician operating as the primary partner at Cherry Hill Family Practice for the last 40 years.  With a Degree in Pharmacology, Dr. Gonte understands the need alternative therapies to manage severe and chronic disorders when conventional means or no longer an option.  

Jason Reis, Medical Director

As director of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center in Scottsdale, he observes first hand the benefit that medical marijuana offers patients at the clinics he runs throughout state. The patients he oversees come from all ages, illnesses and occupations with diagnosed diseases ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis. The average patient is 52 years old with decades of suffering, often impaired by opiate

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Nicole Kellum, NMD

Dr. Nicole Kellum is a primary care physician with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Centers who specializes in homeopathic, nutritional medicine and treats a variety of conditions. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a bachelor of science in biology and received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Her emphasis is on treating the

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Adam Ossipove, Director

Adam Ossipove, a graduate of Oakland University uses his multidisciplinary background to guide the strategy, operations, marketing and fundraising support for the Seed of Relief campaign. As a partner at the Physician’s Certification Center he has witnessed firsthand the frustration of watching patients suffer needlessly while searching for relief that provides help without side effects far worse than the illness. He commits himself to

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